“Smart Demo” AR for High Value product manufacturers

Here’s how it works

  • Companies which produce high value products such as Trucks,Cars or Medical Equipments, bringing the product physically in their exhibition stand or showcasing their entire product range in their showroom is extremely costly and a highly risky proposition. The Next Design helps them not only showcase virtually all their products in their stand, but also save cost and logistics for all the future exhibitions they participate in.

Here’s why you “need” Smart Demo

  • Showcase Trucks, Cars, medical equipments like MRI scanners, CT Scanners and BIG X-Ray machines in your exhibition booth, without physically bringing them there.
  • Showcase more products even in a smaller exhibition booth.
  • Showcase your most expensive products now virtually .You don’t have to bring them physically to your booth.
  • Save cost of Logistics- Bring only the important machines/ products on your exhibition stand and save cost of logistics on the others, by showing them virtually there.
  • Reduce the risk of machine damage during transporting it to the booth.
  • Reduce the need for a demo unit as a smart demo machine would be of actual size and can show the working of it as well. It would give a MUCH better idea than what only a brochure would give.
  • Showcase your product assembly as it if it is happening on the brochure itself (more applicable for small size products).
  • Attract more people on your Exhibition booths.
  • Top of the mind recall – People will remember the demo for much longer duration than regular brochures.
  • Facilitate the sales closure process – Once the potential customer is convinced with product’s technical features (shown in a brochure/video) we can show him the product right there so that chances of closing the sales increase (otherwise we have to take another appointment to show the product in reality).
  • Increase the perceived value of your brand.
  • Spreading the word around– when people see something interesting that they have not seen before, they like to talk about it and share it within their social circle.
  • Launching a new product– You can start marketing before your product is even built. Let all your dealers have the application & a QR code to enable them to showcase your product to the end customers.